Eco-Rally Bulgaria 2019
     "On the road of the


This year’s Eco-Rally Bulgaria 2018’s moto is:

On the route of the mineral water!

It is life, health and purity (spiritual, moral, physical)!

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Eco Rally Bulgaria

Eco Rally Bulgaria is more than just a rally. It’s an experience that everyone can try.

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Why eco

The competition is not who will get there first, but who would drive in the most efficient way.

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The rally route goes trough a series of cultural monuments and natural sights. This guarnties a mixture of racing fun and learning more about Bulgaria’s heritage.

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The rally takes place from 27 - 29 July 2018.
Day 1
27 Jul 2018
Day 2
28 Jul 2018
Day 3
29 Jul 2018


The opening ceremony of Eco Rally Bulgaria begins with an introduction of the cars and the teams. Location:

Opening after party

Great place for great event. Location:

First controlled EV charging

After opening ceremony, all participating vehicles will enter charging session under supervision of FIA and organizers.

First stage – first section

The start of the first stage is at  ALEXANDER 1 BATENBERG SQUARE sqare. The route is heading to the town of Varshets.
12:00 - 13:00

Lunch and break

Car charging

Time to charge the electric cars.

First stage – second section

Section 2 will take you on a trip around the beautiful countryside of Varshets.
18:00 - 19:00

End of first day

Dinner and meetup after first day

Time to have fun and network with other teams.

Second stage – Third section

This section is taking you on another exciting trip around Varshets.
12:00 - 13:00

Lunch and break day 2

Car charging

Time to charge the electric cars.

Second stage – Fourth section

Fourth section is the final one for the Eco-Rally 2018 and starts at the same place – town center of Varshets and ends and Sofia’s center –  ALEXANDER 1 BATENBERG...
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Grand finale


Award ceremony


Partners & Sponsors of Eco Rally Bulgaria.