Basic Info

Interspeed NG Sports Club organizes for the sixth time the sixth round of the E-Rally Regulatory Cup of the FIA ​​and E-Rally from the National Calendar of BFAC. From the first race held in the far 2013 to the sixth, we have always strived to give you pleasure and a pleasant feeling of the job well done.

In Eco Rally-Bulgaria 2018 there are two main and distinctive elements in the race, for which a ranking is made and on the basis of which points are distributed. All contestants are required to demonstrate their serious environmental concerns by avoiding actions that would in some way disrupt or pollute the environment or cause unnecessary noise.

Participants in the race will travel along a 320 km route along the mineral water route. The Iskar Gorge and the Balkan Mountains, with its exceptionally picturesque and technical regulatory segments, will contribute to the good mood of pilots, navigators, teams, sponsors and audiences. The quiet town of Varshets will be our host at the end of the second day and the start of the third day of the race.

Let’s take the automobile rally for electric cars between July 27-29, 2018; competitors and their crews of their success; the audience of good hours in nature, on the rally route.


There you can read the Regulation of the Rally and fill and send out the Entry Application form, as well as other useful documents. 

We will see you on 27th of July! 

Rally map 2018

             The Route map is announced.