To you, the fans of motor sports and those who prefer the e-rally discipline, we wish good luck. Eco – Rally Bulgaria 2018 is a race for FIA’s E-Rally Regularity Cup, as well as part of the BFAS calendar for 2018. This cup is entirely dedicated to normal electric cars.

This year Eco-Rally Bulgaria 2018’s moto is:

On the route of the mineral water!

It is life, health and purity (spiritual, moral, physical)!

Since the ancient past the healing powers of water have been known. Our land is one of the richest in mineral springs. Some of the oldest ones are in Serdika (today’s Sofia) and those at Varshets.

Sofia, with its rich history, will turn into the center of this event. The start and finish will be at Alexander I Battenberg Square, where Eco – Rally Bulgaria will greet the participants, partners, sponsors and its guests.

The participants in the race will head out to a 320km route along Bulgaria’s mineral waters. The Iskar ravine and Balkan Mountain will ensure the good mood of pilots, navigators, teams, sponsors and crowds with their picturesque and technical regulatory sections. Varshets will be our host at the end of day two and the start of day three of the race.

“Interspeed NG” Sport club have once again organized another round of FIA’s  regulated E-Rally Cup. Since the first race in the distant 2013 until the sixth we have always aimed to give you enjoyment and a pleasant feeling for a job well done.

With a warm feeling with can mention and recall the classic, now legendary stages for regulatory tests Raduil, Beli Iskar, Borovets, Gutsal, Hisar. We can thank all the people from the beautiful resorts Borovets, Lovetch, Pravets, who’ve made the ralies possible. With admiration we can mention virtuoso piloting of  Massimo Liverani/ Fulvio Cuervo; Guido Guerrini/ Isabelle Barclulli; Kofler Fuzzy/ Gaioni Franco; Elwis Georgiev/ Elena Pisarska; Kalin Dedikov/ Nikolay itanov; Gregor Zdovs/Nenad Stoyanovic; Swetoslav Doichinov/ Mario Dobrev; Sipkov Liuben/ Andreeva Diana; Olga Todorova/ Borislava Todorova; Ivica Vuckovich/ Karin Dimic and everybody who performed as good as the first.

Beli Iskar stage will remain the fan’s favorite for tracking the race as it develops.

Between 27th and 29th of July 2018 let us give in to the motor rally sport for electric cars – racers and teams to their success, the audience to the pleasant hours outdoors along the route of the rally.

We, as organizers, wish to ensure a flawless setup. We hope the Iskar river, the Balkan Mountain, Sofia city and Varshets, as well as all the villages along the way grant us warmth and spirit. We also hope we will keep the natural gifts of our country clean and favorable.
I wish everyone three unforgettable days with Eco – Rally Bulgaria 2018.

Valya Panteleeva


SC “Interspeed NG”